WATCH: Trump to survey damage in Florida after Irma

WATCH: Trump to survey damage in Florida after Irma

Transcript for Trump to survey damage in Florida after Irma

President trump is planning to go down to Florida tomorrow to survey the damage caused by hurricane Irma. He’s also making a big push on tax reform holding a dinner at the white house with both Republican and democratic senators and congress has sent a bill to president trump calling the violence last month at charlottesville a terror attack. Let’s get the latest from Cecilia Vega. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning to you. So far not a lot of details from the white house about what this trip will look like but one difference in one respect we do foe about. When the president went to — went to Texas that first time you’ll remember he went to the firehouse and waved that flag. He was criticized for not seeing the damage firsthand with his own eyes for not talking directly to victims. It looks like this trip, George, will be a little bit different. He and the first lady are expected to survey directly the damage to Irma themselves. And there is so much damage. Meantime, the president making that big push on tax reform, Cecilia. He did have that meeting last night with a bipartisan group of senators but so far the president and leaders in the congress, Republican leaders of congress haven’t come to an agreement on what they want to present. Reporter: Yeah, and what we’re hearing from people both sides, in fact, who at this dinner at the white house last night is that the complaint universally is that the white house so far has been really short on details about the tax reform push. There were three senate Democrats here at this dinner last night. I’m told by sources here at the white house, look, the goal for this dinner for this bipartisan get-together was to the to have everybody come to an agreement. It was really to get both sides in the room and just to start this conversation. It sounds like the president really tried to put the charm on. He took two senators on a tour of the residence after the dinner was over and got to see the Lincoln bedroom and, George, there will be another bipartisan meeting back here at the white house today so the president really trying to push this one. A lot of travel from the president as well. The congress putting the president on the spot. That resolution they passed condemning the violence in charlottesville is a reaction to the president’s last month where he talked about violence on both sides. The resolution does single out white supremacist groups. Any reaction from the white house. Reporter: So far no, in fact, the sources I talked to said they’re not sure what the president will do. We know he’ll have ten days to either veto or sign this. Otherwise, it becomes law. The president today will be meeting with senator Tim Scott from South Carolina. He’s the only African-American senator on the hill and today among those topics, George, they will be talking about will be the president’s response to charlottesville. Charlottesville and race so it’s bound to be a tough conversation. No reaction from the white house. Pretty hard to imagine he’d veto that. Reporter: I can’t imagine but we don’t know yet.

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